IconArt is a compact and easy to use cursor and icon creator
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IconArt is a highly compact cursor and icon creator that allows you to draw an image from scratch using all common tools or to import an image to turn into a icon or cursor. The application includes a gradient color tool, detailed colour pallet options, and a tool that enables you to save multiple icon images in the same *.ico file. Moreover, it features a plain and straightforward user interface, rather boring and not very pleasant to the eye, with Microsoft Paint style drawing tools which make this task a snap. Other good features include the ability to extract icons from .exe and .dll files, import images from picture or clipboard, assign icons to folders, add text, move, rotate and flip icons, scale image between grid sizes, among others. It also offers FULL animated and static mouse cursor support as well as instant updates and icon packs via web. Note that this version is Free for personal and educational use only and supports Windows 98/XP/Vista. In short, if you are looking for a small great tool to create and publish icons, IconArt is well worth the download.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Easy to use. Free


  • Not a pleasant interface. Looks old
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